About Us

Slavery has been persisting since time immemorial. People from world over have been fighting to abolish it. Many have died in the process including significant figures that have become one the world’s great influencers. Are we going to let them die in vain?

US National Slavery Museum Organization is the leading advocate against slavery. Our main focus is to unite everyone in this fight for freedom. We are in-charge in spreading awareness that slavery is still rampant in this society and should be addressed. We tap the American Education through our educational curriculum in expanding the subject of slavery not only throughout prinary and secondary studies, but on the college level as well.

In partnership with other museums and organizations, we conduct displays, interactive and virtual exhibits that help understand why slavery should be fought and not nurtured. We underscore through our efforts that this is not a hopeless case to tackle, and there is hope in totally freeing individuals who have been victims, and who still are.

We believe that the persistence of slavery in the society results from the lack of intervention from our part. By providing this awareness that would put it into a spotlight, we hope that the community would be more proactive in creating an action plan that would address this.

US National Slavery Museum Organization is also a partner organization in assisting individuals who have been freed from this kind of practice to find their footing. We know how difficult it is to start again especially if you were in this business all your life. As such, we conduct seminars to help you get integrated back to the society. We also provide free counselling, and educational assistance. We help you create a normal life free from exploitation. With US National Slavery Museum Organization, we help you be the person you want to be.