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Leptine, what is it and what does it do?

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Leptin was only discovered in the 90s of the last century and is one of the many hormones our body knows. Another name for the substance is the ‘hunger hormone’. This is also a little indication of what leptine does in our bodies. The effect of hormones is always quite complex, but science thinks it gives a signal to the brain when we are saturated. There is also another hormone called ghreline. This hormone is secreted by the stomach wall and makes you appetite. The body wants to have enough fuel at its disposal. In this case, too, the important thing is that there is a balance between the two substances in order to keep the appetite and the feeling of being satiated in balance.

What does leptin contain?

Leptin is produced in the body, but its sensitivity to leptin can be increased. A protein-rich breakfast instead of bread is a good start to the day to get the balance back in order. A lot of fibre is also a good idea in this context, for example leafy vegetables. Healthy fats are a next step, such as olive oil and oily fish. Be careful with carbohydrate-rich food because it reduces the susceptibility to leptin, limit foods with a lot of starch. Sugar also prevents the brain from picking up signals from leptine properly. Obesity is also often accompanied by a sugar addiction. It is not easy to get rid of this addiction either. But if you manage to reduce it for a few weeks, you will notice that you can also feel good without sugar.
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Deficiency of leptin

In principle, our bodies produce enough leptine when we eat healthily, i.e. they are varied and not too much. The normal process is that before a meal the body produces more ghrelin so that you are stimulated to eat. After that, sufficient leptine must be produced so that the brain receives a signal and a feeling of satiety occurs. This does not always happen. For example, it has been shown that too little sleep causes extra ghrelin to be produced so that the feeling of hunger increases during the day. Insufficient exercise and an unhealthy diet can also lead to a shortage of leptine. Overweight is then lurking.

Lose weight with leptin supplements

Supplements containing leptin can be purchased at the drugstore or pharmacy. Lifting is definitely not the way to lose weight by using these products. Losing weight can only be achieved by a healthy diet, enough exercise and enough sleep. The extra leptin is only intended to restore the balance when the brain is no longer sufficiently sensitive to leptin. This makes it easier for you to eat less, but you always have to do it yourself. In case of a (complete) resistance, the filling of the shortage will not result in an extra feeling of satiety. Consultation with a doctor is recommended before you start taking supplements with leptine.