Making a Donation

United States has many organizations that specialize in many different charity works. Their advocacies are unique and independent of each other, and although they work independently towards catering to the needs of various elements of the society, their goal is basically the same – for the greater good.

So why give to the United States National Slavery Museum Organization?

US National Slavery Museum Organization is in-charge in eradicating slavery in the society. It differs a lot from other organization because it tackles directly the well-being of every individual. It reinstates the morale of those who are affected, and it raises their confidence and self-esteem in facing what is ahead of them. What more is that, their human rights are given importance too. We give them back what they’ve lost.

Our projects also include the rehabilitation of their physical and psychological health. In partnership with other NGO’s and non-profit foundations, we also produce trainings that help create livelihood for them.

Your donations, in whatever amount, would help a lot in sustaining our short-term and long-term projects. For those who will donate, we are requesting all donations to be sent directly to us in check. No sending of cash through mail. Please put the name of the company, US National Slavery Museum Organization, as the receiver. For other details, you could communicate directly with us via our company email above.

For donations in kind, the priority needs are clothing, water, medicines, and other things for personal hygiene. We accept toys also for the kids, and foods that could sustain their daily needs.

Wants to be a part of our volunteer program? We could use that assistance too. We are looking for volunteers willing to work on helping the victims get comfortable in their new shelter.

Let us make the world a better place by helping each other in this endeavor.